bennington, vt.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

arm-chair knitting,

I arrived in December 2009 to help my parents.  Once I realized I was staying, I applied for a Michigan Nursing license.  I knew this would take time.
In January 2010 I took a knitting class.
(I had always wanted to learn, and had even started trying to learn on my own.  Time was always a bit of a problem though.)

In March 2010 I started my scarf.
In that time:

  1. I knitted scarves for my Mom and my Niece
  2. got my Dad through his stroke
  3. started full-time at a nursing agency
  4. my Brother and family moved here from Louisiana
  5. I cared for 4 pediatric patients and their families
  6. I visited my home 5 times
  7. Dad deteriorated and entered Rehab
  8. Dad passed.
  9. had the kitchen updated and repaired
  10. I returned Home
  11. got my old job back
  12. Mom started having problems
  13. I came back
  14. improved accessibility to Condo
  15. long distance home improvements done
  16. got Mom's weight and ambulation back

January 2013
three years, a row here, two rows there . . .
time and memories in ONE scarf.
(truer color in this pic)
Oh yes, and all the fun stuff . . . fell down a manhole, bad burn/celulitis, wound to shin/celulitis, 3 broken toes . . . most recently this week, twice (again) . . . same chair leg and same toe.  (bad enough hitting and breaking it the first time, but to hit the same toe 4 days later, insult to injury!)
I am still graceless.


Rudee said...

You may think you're graceless, but the knitting proves you're not.

Very pretty scarves!

Judy said...

Just catching up with you!
And the scarf is beautiful!
I hope you do have people in your life who tell you frequently what a wonderful daughter/person you are. Because you are.