bennington, vt.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

unwelcome bed

We Have a Problem.
reminds me of Audrey II or a Transformer

He was on/in it.

It's stuck this way.

Way too high for him to stand/pivot out of.

Too high to get him off with the lift.

Brought another bed in . . .
Raised it to equal level . . .
and slid him over.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

come away

They should be coming to take me away . . .
. . .any moment now!

They've given notice, Dad loses PT next Friday.
He's deteriorated quite a bit.
We are considering bringing him home with Hospice.

Mom, whom I dragged, (kicking and screaming), to a sleep study, needs to have a second study with a CPAP machine.  She has been diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea like the rest of us.  (I expect a dull rusty steak knife in my back, momentarily.)

My patient's Mom is trying to figure out how to keep her nursing team together if our Agency loses "Cred."  (she doesn't want to lose all the ground that we've gained with and for him and she worries about us . . . the Agency, not so much.)

The main sump pump still needs to be replaced.
Several other household repairs need to be done.
Mom has follow up appointments for dental and vision procedures.

On the Up side. . .
Next week
I may be able to get my benefits back on Friday,
Mom's pacemaker check
was pristine.

Friday, July 15, 2011

gimble in the wabe

The following post has a grossness factor.
This is your warning!

Well, it can be said that I am thorough when I try to do myself in.  I also tend to be very creative at it.  This trait does not help when one tries to see a Doctor about the fix . . . it ALL just sounds so ludicrous!

I was helping my brother with yard work, chiefly digging out some ornamental grasses.  Unfortunately, it still had last years stalks in it.  Old stocks are often hard enough, you could hunt small animals with them!  In my effort to pry out some of this I fell into the grass and ended up with 3 puncture wounds.  2 bled, good thing, 1 did not, bad thing.

By the next day I knew Cellulitis was coming on, so off to Urgent Care.  Long story short, 6 days of serious antibiotics and compresses . . .
that swollen thing below the redness in my ankle

Back to Urgent Care with a change in ammunition.  After my shower last night, I noticed the scab was a bit moist and loose, so I tried wiping it away with a bit of tissue.  Out shot, (think ALIEN) . . .

remember what I said about small animals?

I guess I know why it wouldn't bleed and I couldn't get it to open up and drain well.  It looks considerably better today.

This is why I always keep my tetnus up to date!  You never know what sorry thing I will manage to do.

points, if you actually understand
the title of this post.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Really, my dear,

When they first started going on about employee of the month, I said,

"There is NO way in #%$$ I will ever be getting that!"
I tend to like consistency,
not something you usually have with an agency.
I also tend to be VERY outspoken.


Okay . . .
I am really
 shocked, flabbergasted, bewildered, flummoxed,
surprised, astonished, perplexed,
greatly appreciative
of this honor.

I think I worked 6 days in the month of June . . .
Just shut up and smile, Alice!
no, really
I Thank you!

Friday, July 8, 2011

the usual way

I've actually worked 2 whole weeks in a row.  My patient is doing well as is his family.  To be perfectly honest, Murph- the dog, was the most overjoyed to see me.  Hard to out do the JOY of a young Golden Retriever

Dad has managed to stay at the Rehab. for two weeks in a row also.  He is finally back to standing, taking a step, and no longer a mechanical lift.  (Granted he had been taking several steps before, but every time he went to the hospital we would lose that and his ability to even stand.) 
We did have a bit of a scare when the Blood reappeared, but we managed to resolve that without the Hospital.  Whew!

Was happy to be able to help with some serious yard work at my Brother's new house.  Digging out bushes, laying out stepping stones, rolling out weed block, and pouring on the mulch.  Looks nice.
Felt Normal.