bennington, vt.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

squeeze me flat!

Looking forward/back . . . at the big/little picture

My Brother asked if I am happy to get my "room" back . . .

It's not really my room. not mine to decorate, furnish, no room for the few things I brought and technically . . . not legal.

I didn't worry about Mom and Dad when I was working, cuz' I knew he was there.

 I miss having him to commiserate with. (I see no co-workers and have had no chance to find friends.)
So yes . . . (I have a space, away from) . . . and no.

changed in the night?

Prior to water vs boxes

Hooray, they are all here!

Their furniture and boxed possessions arrived with off and on torrential rain.  Since the abode is temporary, they put most of their boxes in the basement.  Unfortunately the sump pump was not working, and they discovered water sloshing over their shoes at the bottom of the stairs . . . just hours after the movers left.

To make matters more interesting, WE needed to move in with them . . . we lost electric Fri. eve. and got it back Sun. 2am.

Timing, everything is timing.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Shining with all his might:

It was hot here last week . . .

really HOT

"There's glory for you!"

 door, walls and a roof . . .

a place they can all stay together . . . here

A kind Parishioner had a house to spare and is letting it to the church.  Now they and the furniture can come up from Louisiana, and there is no longer a MAD rush to sell the house.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

a hint to Time

On the Occasion of Their Anniversary

Virtual Fireworks

soon very, soon . . . I sincerely HOPE and PRAY

Sunday, July 4, 2010

"Fighting for the crown?"

Patriotic and Cute

off from England

Happy Independence Day

quite giddy.

coming and going

He's here,  I think.
His luggage is here!

Occasionally one of us will claim a sighting, but it's sort of like spotting Big Foot . . . was it real, or did I only imagine it?

New church, new congregation, new synod, new office, and lots of "meet and greet" with parishioners, and local clergy.  Very busy, and rarely here, except to sleep.

All this, while basically living out of suitcases in my room . . . in the basement . . . and his own family so far away.  He seems to be very happy with the job/church, but he suffers with missing his family.  I know they suffer too.  Please, please, please that house needs to sell, now.