bennington, vt.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

turned away

110 Days
nearly 4 Months
1/3 of a Year
I've been back in New England
Back to my House
Back to my Job
Back to my Friends
or not.

I left suddenly, and gaps had to be filled.  You can't and shouldn't just unfill those gaps.  (With my job, I was lucky  . . . a gap appeared in time.)

I've made many efforts, but the heart does not seem to be in it from the other side.  At what point do I take the hint, (in this age of high tech. communication), and accept that I now inhabit the Christmas card list only?

110 days.

Perhaps, it was easier when I was 740 miles away . . . now it is just awkward.

110 days.

The 758 days were harder then anyone knows, except perhaps my Mother.  I so looked forward to coming back.  I did not expect things to be the same, it was 758 days of Life for them too, I just thought I would fit in somewhere.

110 days.   

 it is time to let go, and mourn . . .
I will always hope.

Peace, love and joy to all,