bennington, vt.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

all ridges and furrows;

the pinks are the front lawn!

We are here, (my home . . . hmmmmm), unfortunately so is the 90 degree weather.  Little sleep and extremely hot weather do not mix well for me.   So, at the moment, not much is getting done outside. 

The removal of obstacles has been done in back, (yesterday),  and today I cleaned inside the house, rather then roast out there.

Happily, I was able to meet up this morning with one of my best friends and all 3 of our dogs had a happy reunion.  Mango, Pepper, and Jack, what a mix.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

back-somersault in at the door

Windjammer Angelique--Capt. Mike (on right)

Mother and I returned from a 2 hour errand, to hear my father call out that he was "resting."  Unfortunately he was on the bathroom floor.
Chest to a wall.
Back to the toilet.
Feet touching another wall.
"How long have you been here."
2 hours
"Are you hurt"
No, I don't think so
"I'm calling 911, cuz there is no way I can budge you."
I'm NOT going to the Hospital!

The nice Firemen struggled valiantly, but finally got him out without removing the toilet, (it was suggested).

All prayers are graciously being accepted, as we drive into the sunrise for a 12 hour jaunt to New England. 

I am as mad as a hatter.  I have to be!

Friday, May 21, 2010

The great art of riding


Car is fit and ready.   Packing has commenced.   Fitting 3 adults, 2 dogs, one deluxe rolling walker, and luggage in one car, is being calculated.  (40 lbs of dogs,  WE are not known to be small people, and . . . Dad can ONLY sit in the shotgun position.)  Mom and I have actually considered putting Dad and his walker in the trunk, (we were going to put in pillows . . .), but thought that might get dicey with the Border Patrol.

Somebody asked the other day . . . yes, most all my "titles" are from the Alice books.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I think I'll go down

the only way to travel

The time has come to go home and prepare my house for summer.  Move plants, shepherds crooks with bird feeders, and generally have things set so my neighbor can mow my yard with the tractor.

The fact that I have two Doctor appointments, means it has to be next week.  Was not quite sure if WE were going.  Hopefully it will be a fine adventure for all with little trouble.

It will be good to see the forests and hills of New England again.  (Almost 5 months since I was last home.)

The river just below my back yard and home.

I will be very happy to see all my friends too.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

ere voice of dread

Left shin, with colors reversed.  (you can thank me later!)

After only 4 hours sleep, I went to work.  Great night with the child, except for the fact I broke my toe 2 hours in.

Saturday, my Father's Doctor came to the house.  YES, THE DOCTOR MADE A HOUSECALL.  After he was done caring for my Father, Dad asked him to look at my toe.  I had to explain what I'd done, no big deal.  He asked, "Are you sure it's broke?"  I took off my sock, he agreed, it was definitely broken.  "Doesn't it hurt?!"  Yeah, but in the grand scheme of things, not so much.

Sunday morning Dad broke his front tooth, I slept in a little, and his Doctor returned as promised.  New antibiotic, cuz despite our best efforts, it looks like he is on his way to having cellulitis.

Next stop: 

  1. Dentist for referral

  2. Oral surgeon for removal

  3. Dentist for prelim. x-rays

  4. Dentist (in 2 weeks) for work towards a bridge
I was told the other day that I need a Vacation . . . I laughed.

Doc. is pretty upset by the whole hospital incident and plans to make a great noise.

uncertain on their feet

Deja vu

He had a great morning, we went out - to see his Doctor for a regular exam.  Entering the house, his leg lost strength, and he went down, scraping his other leg.  While I iced and cleaned the leg, he took his blood sugar--136, fine.  The weakness though, became very generalized and continued through the day. 

By the time I was to leave for work, he felt it would be best if he went to the hospital alone with the ambulance.  (I was to go to work, and Mom was to go get some sleep.)  In the morning we went to see him at the hospital--still in the ER.  16 hours post arrival they gave him a room.

I brought in copies of his blood sugar/insulin record book, to show his "compliance." 

They discharged him the next day.  I went to go pick him up, collected his things while the aide got him dressed.  I stopped at the desk to tell them where I would pick him up.  Here we go:

  1. Doctor's diagnosis:  Hypoglycemia  patient does not do blood sugars and takes insulin according to his whim.

  2. Doctor is releasing home to 24 hour nursing care.  (Yeah, I'm a nurse, but I work/sleep  sometimes!)

  3. PT states:  cannot go home in this condition, needs Rehab.

  4. We will transfer him to a Rehab.

  5. Oh, we can't, we NEVER admitted him, we simply put him on an Observation Unit.

  6. It will have to be ALL "out of pocket" since we never admitted him, Medicare won't cover.
I turned to them and said, "I will have the car at the main entrance, please have him there."  They turned to my Dad, and he said "I agree with her."

  1. No reasonable diagnosis.

  2. What 24 hour nursing care?

  3. Tell us Rehab. and then take that out of play, because of what you did.

  4. Never even looked at the leg injury.

  5. 16 hours sitting in the ER?????

  6. . . . and when would you like my Mother to come in with another stroke, because she was taking care of him while I was unavailable

  7.  . . . and you don't want me to go away upset?

Friday, May 7, 2010

a heavy crash shook the forest

looking up . . .

Job is going well.  I usually get enough sleep, fortunately I get along with fewer hours then most. 

The family visit, (job related for them), also went well.  (The poor things were very rushed, and seem to be on a very wild roller-coaster ride in life right now.A bit dis-jointed, but we were able to celebrate Mom's Birthday together.

 . . . and of course the first night after they leave . . .
911 gets called. 

I have really GOT to get another number for the local dispatch, so I can do the call, (where ever I am), for Mom . . .  if Dad is unable to use the phone.  I figure, she can call my cell, I can  decipher what is wrong, and do the call.  (At home everyone, except the police, are volunteer, so if you call the regular # for the police . . . that's dispatch.  Yes, home is a very small town.)

Oh, yeah, Dad went to shave at midnight, (thank goodness he uses electric, like a good diabetic), blood sugar BOTTOMED-OUT, walker went one way and he went another.  Mom heard him, brought him a phone and much candy.  The Medics picked him up, checked his sugar, (still extremely low), and dressed a dime sized skin tear on his hand.  Thanks guys.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

"it's very rude."


Back to the 1:30 am incident, "the ramp truck and the car" . . . mind you it was my parents' car, (since my heap is still in New England).  Not only, did the car have the required Special Pass, (8 1/2 inches X11 inches--in protective plastic), displayed in the front windshield, it also fully displayed a Handicap placard, and a World War II Veteran Michigan license plate on the back bumper!!

Two world class idiots seeing what they could possibly get away with?

Gosh I love those neighbors, they loudly, verbally, ripped in and gave those guys everything they deserved.  I've heard some tongue lashings, but that was in a category all it's own!  (At least 5 women, from different apartments, one of which made sure to ring the doorbell to warn us these guys were taking the car.)  Now, that's a Neighborhood!

Alice was getting quite exhausted

Deep water

Happy May Day
Well, survived my first week of work.  In that . . . it has been a strange week.  I work with a marvelous child who, thank goodness, is finally getting used to me.  (Hard to get a 2yo back to sleep, when you are not the Momma!)  Met the Local EMTs, Medics, and Firemen . . . the first night, though it had nothing to do with my patient!  Last night the local towing company was trolling and decided to tow my car even though half the neighborhood was yelling at them, that there was indeed a parking pass on the car.  (I was impressed, 1:30 am, heck of a neighborhood watch!)  The job itself, I am feeling more confident about.  I will feel better, once someone looks over my paperwork.  (Lots of paperwork.)

I have still been taking my parents to their, almost daily, appointments and fitting in some sleep.

One major hooray this week.  After explaining to the Cardiologist about Mom needing to rest after the shortest activity, he's trying her out on a new medication.  If it works, stopping the arrhythmias, (the heart rate spikes), then she can cut down on the Meds slowing her heart way down, (lack of energy).  Whoo-hoo!