bennington, vt.

Friday, July 19, 2013

an open field

Mom wanted to continue on to the barn, (my original plan), so I switched out her cane for the walker and on we went.

courtyard of the big barn

Spa time in the barn

1st class accommodations

So much better then my original plan.
Mom and I decided, 
that she had probably walked more this day,
 then she does in the average month.

One last picture

Thursday, July 18, 2013

horse on wheels

Thought this was going to be the best we could do
We over heard the Welcome Center people mention that the Team would be practicing in the lots as their first public outing in an hour
Mom walked with her cane across a closed off parking lot  and as far up the roadway as she felt up to.  I carried lunch and the folding chairs.  We found a nice spot under a shade tree, ate lunch and waited for the "parade"

I moved closer to make sure they were really going to come down.  I returned and assured her they would be coming along shortly.
The Nebraska girl, 
who I thought would enjoy the horses, 
only wanted to know if 
The Dog was there!
  He posed constantly and he ruled the roost.  He tapped the drivers on the shoulder to shift them around according to where he wanted to go or sit

followed by the Clean-up Patrol

counldn't guess

One Saturday, I was trying to think of some place to take Mom.  She used to work for a local A.-B. Distributor . . . so thought maybe going to Merrimack N.H. to check out the A.-B. horse barns would be fun.  
The many times I have visited, I have NEVER seen THE Team there!
. . . til now.

sorry, I just love those feet

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

dance about

We made a point of going out for some fun times too.

picniced at some interesting tables
Ice cream and Cruise night

Detroit Tigers in New England
the new Escape . . . by the way

Nothing like the weekly Town Military Band Concert on the common

Saturday, July 13, 2013

looking-glass house

We left my Mother's condo for Vacation, we had just survived sewage issues.
the first load of clothes turned into a combination doing the laundry and cleaning the basement floor with THE sudsy water.

the septic
time to start digging a hole so they can drain the septic tank.
yes, those are YARD sticks . . . the concrete weight in the fore-ground sits atop a square steel cover

I looked at it as an opportunity to plan location for the 3 season porch I would like to put in some day

. . . continuing on from our duplicate sewage issues . . . while we were home, some idiot decided to rob the local bank June 6th.  Let me clarify idiot . . . he left the bank in a truck described by the Police as flamboyant.  Red and Orange pickup with a Blue tarp in back, Orange Light Bar on top of the cab, and Silver Paint splashed along the bottom.  He was caught the same day in the next town.
Here, July 3, some guy decided to wave a gun in the Meijers, 'round the corner, full of employees, shoppers, construction workers and rob the in-store bank.  They got a straight on full face picture of him suitable for framing.  3rd strike, by the way.

Where was I . . . oh yeah, supposedly, vacation!
coming and going

always tea-time

We planned a 2 week sojourn to my Home in New England.

A 740 mile trip certainly cut into my learning curve on a new vehicle.  Nothing like now or never on learning features, how to pack it, and what fits and where for access!  I do like the new Escape.

Home chores topped the list, with the usual projects in opening a house that's been closed for the "season."

  1. stain the newly installed side entry
  2. call about replacing the side doors (solid and storm) 
  3. prime the affected side of the house
that last one . . . I sooo sounded like a nurse.

before ANY repairs . . . I was redoing the trim last year before the rip-out and replacement of the driveway
the trim looks good . . . they will find 8 feet of sill rotted . . . I knew the high probability of this

looks like a deck . . . dark gray composite floor and banister

tah-dah, a Porch . . . still need to prime the wall
I did get those done, despite other set-backs yet to be mentioned.  NewPro, just called to say the doors are in . . . called my beloved neighbor . . . Hooray, a door that doesn't let the winter breeze in!