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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

"Shall she repeat it?"

With no orders to be walked during her Hospital stay, Mom spent close to three weeks off her feet.  A Rehab was chosen, and off she went.  

I explained my concerns about her current med regime, of which they agreed made little sense.  The nurses felt there would be no problem getting the facility MD to eliminate the Florinef.

2 weeks of meeting goals, one quick visit for 2 units of packed red cells, (all that fluid in the vessels to raise BP doesn't leave much room for those all important oxygen carting blood cells!), 28 days just wasn't going to do it.  The team meeting was very disappointing to us.  My Brother and I felt rather broadsided by the dictum that Mom was going to continue to need 24 hour care and her time was about up at the Rehab.

July 9th, I made 6 months at my job, and asked my Supervisor to do the evaluation.  (I had kept her abreast of all developments in case I had to leave again.)  I spoke to my DON of my hope that what needed to be done could be accomplished in a month.  Since I was not back yet a year, I needed to resign . . . again.

Mom's release date was Saturday July 14th, but my Brother and the Rehab convinced Insurance to allow her to stay until 1 pm Tuesday July 16th.  I worked through the weekend, slept Monday, and left 9pm that night.  I arrived at Mom's Condo at 10:30am Tuesday, unpacked the car, showered, kenneled two very confused dogs, grabbed some bags, and went to pick up Mom.

I have Returned!

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Rudee said...

Oh, dear. Here we go again. I'm so sorry.