bennington, vt.

Friday, June 25, 2010

it is right?

I've made my bed, now I get to lie in it!

I have Benefits!
No more mailing a $400 dollar check for COBRA every month! 


Sunday, June 20, 2010

she would gather

a light

My brother flies in on Wednesday
I must make him a bit of space in my closet and bureau.  I myself and the dogs will move up to Mom's room and room with her. 
He will start his position with his new Congregation a few towns over.
My Sister-in-law will finish out her obligations and continue to try to sell their "old" house.
He will be trying to "keep" the "new" house they've already chosen or find another one.
My Sil and Niece will continue in a neighborhood and life, (even as they detach from it), for the summer . . . without him.

For the first time in many many years, my entire family will all reside in the same state.
For the first time in many years, Sil's family will all live in the same state.

Prayers for my Brother and his family are appreciated
New home obtained, Old house sold,
smooth transition with new Congregation,
new opportunities for Sister-in-law,
wonderful new school and friends for my Niece,
their family re-united soon,
and everything else that goes with a big move
to a new place.

must have been changed

ch, ch, ch, changes
this and that

I started thinking about how things have changed here in the last 6 months.

Prior to my coming, they were quite self sufficient. Dad was a bit scary driving, but other then his unsteadiness and, (ultimately), falling . . .often, they did well.

Mom had her stroke in December and Dad had his in February.

me myself and . . .
-avoid getting run over by Dad, on the scooter, as we grocery shop . . . I do all the grocery shopping.

-listen to make sure Dad is OK in the shower . . . assist with shower . . . I bathe Dad in the shower, dry, and dress.

-play the assistant while Dad does the banking . . . I run all the bank errands.
and that . . . and that

-I chauffeur Dad to all his appointments and Mom to most, (for communication purposes).

-I assist Dad anytime he leaves or enters the house, climbs or descends stairs, in or out of the car/kitchen chair/restaurant chair/etc.

-I pull the weights each week on the Grandfather clock and maintain the cars.

I am the "beck and call girl" for most all things.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

foolish things

a prickly subject

The ridiculous . . . my parent's friends who are not in the know, who think I am home for my own (poor) financial reasons, and want to know why I haven't put my home up for sale, since I am sponging off my parents.  (My finances were fine, until I left my terrific job and moved in here.)  It's is a great aggravation to me, (especially since I keep hearing it, snidely,  from the same ones) . . . but it is well tempered by their many many friends who are in the know, and say often that they appreciate my presence and care for Mom and Dad. 

it's all feasting and fun

My "seaside" roses by the street, (they don't mind all the winter salt and sand)

The upside of life is . . . Mom does my laundry . . . I was helping with the laundry, but between all his appointments, grocery shopping, errands and occasionally sleeping before the other job . . . Mom does my mending  . . . you really don't want me near a sewing machine and it was ONE item . . . Mom did my ironing this week . . . Ok, so I was in the shower bathing him.

Life is good.  For now.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

without a grin

Not an extra from The Beverly Hillbillies!

Part one of the Dental appointments is done . . . only one and a half hours.  He survived that, but he had a hard time getting through the rest of the day.  It was just too exhausting of an ordeal, so early in the morning.

Part two will be very short.  Fit and cement.

dream of wonderland

Pictures from my neighborhood

A Dream
A few months ago, I tried to describe to my best friend how "home" was starting to feel like a dream.  Like I really didn't have a real house and gardens, or a wonderful river in my back yard.

This is becoming too real, and my old life, nothing but a pretty fantasy.

We both agreed, I needed to come home for a while, soon.  And, I was, it was already planned.

And I wished it could have been more, but I know, for a while at least, it is real.

I miss swings made by grandfathers, hung from trees that have had swings hanging from them for decades.

Town Common Gazebos,  where everyone gathers for the concert of the Town Band.  The Town Band, that just like the Volunteer Fire Department, are our neighbors, (or in my case, my Plumber).

When I can't go, I listen from my backyard.

Forgotten lives
Walking in the woods, the easiest way to find old homesteads, is to look for daylilies in the middle of the woods.  Beebalm and Daylilies.  Find them, and you will probably find an old cellar hole, Well, (with ferns rising about it), and a foundation for a barn. 

Daylilies grow wild, in the sun . . . they tolerate shade, but someone planted them there . . . and then the trees grew up, swallowing all traces of lives once lived there.

I won't be swallowed up,
I will find a way,
to stay in the sun.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

should see the garden

just because.

-things never fall upwards

that title sounds so Winnie the Poohish, but really
wishes and pennies and riches

Been busy. 

Bought and had installed 7 grab bars3 easily placed suction types in the shower, 2 that Mom personally picked out and look like towel rods, (since he has bent the ones in both bathrooms), a standard 1 by his toilet, and another 1 by the door of the garage stairs.

They seem to be working out well.