bennington, vt.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

such dreamy weather

I feel like I'm back in
New England!

London is the capital of Paris

Snow Squalls
or course there is snow in London Ont.

you want me to walk them WHERE?

Ah yes, fine weather for Paris

Uh Oh

First 5 vehicle, outside Brantford Ont.

2nd five vehicle
I was thankful that I packed the car so solidly that NOTHING moved when I had to stop suddenly.
Of course, the weight of the loaded car helped immeasurably with stopping.
I never slid.
Did not mean I wanted anyone else sliding into me!

a thousand pounds an inch

When I packed the car, (and it did take a full 2 days), not a square inch was left open - - except to be able to drive legally.

there is a light on IN this trunk and underbed boxes so far back you can't even see them

the "missing dogs"

My lunch bag way over against the window so it would stay cold

note the seatbelted duffle

more seatbelts in use . . . even the shampoo bottle is just stuffed in spare space

I still have a few things left at my Mom's . . . a quilt, a coat, etc.

I get my vacation time in 6 months.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

strange Adventures

I feel strange being home,
at work,
my fellow orientee and I have taken to counting
"broken necks" . . .
The conference room is on
the main floor off a busy hallway.
It has a door with a window
and I sit directly across from it. 
The "broken necks" are all the people who peek in as they walk by and then do spectacular double takes.  Monday we were up to 21, when the maintenance man almost did a back flip and then just stood there gaping. 
The questions
1.  Why are YOU in orientation?
I was gone for 2 years.
2.  2 Years?  Really?
Dec. 2009.
3.  You still have to work nights?
I prefer nights, actually.

thanks Mary

Team Work

I do basic orientation, (fire safety, lift use, policy/procedure, etc.), for 5 days.  Then I start the Night Schedule with orientation . . . for one night.  The Director of Nursing wanted to know if that was okay.  Sure, no problem, if I need help, they won't leave me flapping in the wind!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

butterflies that sleep

8 am Monday January 9th
I start orientation for my new/old job.

The butterflies are doing a tap dance in my stomach.

You will understand if I say the butterflies look like this.

Dinner theatre in Acapulco . . . we got souvenirs!
Certain family members will understand
exactly how rumbly I feel.

Monday, January 2, 2012

home this moment

In short,
Left at 1pm
for what should
be a
12 hour trip
2 days to pack every centimeter of the car, up to the tops of the seats, (I could still see out all mirrors).
2 customs check points to get through, (I would have sobbed pitifully if I drew the short straw for inspection, cuz it never would ALL fit in again).
1 border guard after asking if I had any personal protection in my vehicle and I replied 2 small dogs, looked in and asked "WHERE?!"
Always snow in London Ont., I always ask the weather as I cross in, and I SWEAR they said it in August once.
1 -360 right in front of me, the Impala was so loaded she did not even shudder or skid.
2 -5 car accidents in Brantford Ont. slowed my progress a bit.
3rd snow squall of the trip at midnight just past Rochester NY.  Good time to stop and sleep for an hour.
1 engine temp. guage stopped working . . . uh-oh?
1 NY thruway booth keeper and former mechanic said the car was more then likely OK for the rest of my ride and it was probably a loose wire.  He was right on both counts.
6am Friday arrived at my Home.

It took a day to get everything out of the car . . . who knows how long it will take to put everything away.  (not as easy as it sounds . . . the house was set-up for emergency guests, and needs to be converted back to MY living here.  example:  bedroom linen in the dresser of that BED's room rather then in the main linen closet . . . so guests would know what linen went with which bed.)

No matter what . . . I am Home.