bennington, vt.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Alice was sorry

I just returned from my New England home.

I'm Sorry
I was unable to 
most all of You,
my beloved New England Friends.

My main goal was to get winter clothes.

In 4 days I . . .

1.  Change of address with post office
2.  Town H2O Dept.
3.  Property Tax Office
4.  Town Clerk
5.  Dentist (1st cleaning in a year and 2 days before a crown popped off)
6.  Veterinarian (only brought a month or 2 of heartgard, needed to make sure they didn't have heart worm)
7.  2 feet of mail to go through (and that was minus the junk mail)
8.  Update info with various magazines subscriptions
9.  Update info with various utilities
10. Winterize yard
11. Winterize house
12. Insurance Agent about the House
13. Obtain my New Scrub tops and shower curtain I had a friend make
14. Rummage through 3 bins of winter clothes to come up with 1 bin
15. Ship bin to Michigan (1 kennel with 2 dogs, and walker I need constant quick access to for Mom, and very little more will fit in the car going back)
16. Vote (3rd time on same question . . . NO means NO)
17. Furniture store to spend almost $400 gifted from said store (expires 1/6/13 picture ID required)
18. Live and in Person see my Home's New roof, side entry, basement windows, and the repairs to eaves and foundation (all done after I left in July)

I did not even take time to take pictures of all the improvements done to my Home. (dang it!  none! nada! ahh rats!)

So, I repeat . . .

I'm sorry, I did not 



while I was Home.

I'm going to sleep for a couple days now,
Four 740 mile drives in one month is starting to get to me.

All my love,


Rudee said...

Hope it all settles down soon.

GDad said...

Did you make the list first, then check off the items, or did you do the things, then make the list?

Alice said...

Listed after, after much thought.

I'm still remembering things I did, like 2 days of calling MD twice to get 2 scripts called into Pharm., (not just one I need both, unless HE doesn't want me on the other anymore!!!!), and twice calling Pharmacy to see if they had gotten them yet!