bennington, vt.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

storm wind's

Prayers for all my friends at home.  You know there is a bit of concern, when they cancel Church for Sunday.

Once again, I am so glad I had those 50 trees cut down.  Every single little storm that came by, I would wonder if this was going to be the day one of those rickety 100 ft. trees came down on top of me.

Yes that is my real house. 
Leave it alone!  It's CUTE!

fixes it

Time to make repairs
Kitchen chair rolling back . . . way too many times
Sometimes he miscalculated . . . gouged the floor
Mom was quite upset when it happened, so we went and looked at flooring.  She was amazed at how many choices there were now.  It kept her from dwelling on what he couldn't help.

So kitchen walls, floors, (counters, sink, and faucet?), and his bathroom walls and some fixtures.

Friday, August 26, 2011

ditto, ditto

My father has been mistaken for:

they actually ended up on a plane together,
(back in the day),
and everyone thought they were related.

"aren't you . . . ?"

"hey you're the guy from Jurassic Park!"
(we were in Mexico, and he was dressed the same, including hat and cane)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

as she spoke


If that doesn't strike fear
into your heart . . .
I don't know what will!

Apparently I did well enough, I have received several requests to do "future" eulogies.  Quite a few people stated that they had never laughed so hard at a funeral.   Hmmmmm.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

merry laugh

My neice really wanted to try Grandpa's Lift.  Since he no longer needed it and they had not come for pick up yet . . .
up she went.

it's all fun and games until . . .

She did not consider the facts:

1.  She would be trapped
2.  Her feet would be in tickle range of Daddy

Not to worry, Daddy let her go after only a little torture.

tired of swimming

For a break in the chaos of the week, we went to my Brother's for a swim.  My Sister-i-L did a magnificant rescue of a sparrow from the pool.  I don't think he could have tread water much longer.

I did not think a small bird could shake/shiver
so much without falling.
We had to prop him up and kept his back to the sun.

Hey, he's standing!

It took about an hour, but he was finally able to fly away.


Clean up /Clear out

Not including the still sealed bottles

The dogs were happy to make donations to add to the bag so it could go in the trash safely.

The really good stuff was co-signed, sinked, and sent to the now very happy fishies, back on Sunday.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

come to an end

August 14th
(VJ Day)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

his time of life

Jack and Dad
Jack does not like to lie next to anyone, (including me), for any great length of time. 

He stayed there for about an hour

Someone came to the door during that time.

I was cutting up chicken in the kitchen.

He was more then willing to let Pepper do the barking and the mooching.  (never fear he got his share)

Friday, August 5, 2011

solemn tone

One object is not
like the others
 . . . and it's mine I tell you!  ALL mine!

Short term memory is fast slipping away.

Expected friends came to visit today . . .
he has since asked MANY times when they are coming.
He has asked about my MD appointment several times
I just answer again.

What's for dessert?
Can we have a Dairy Queen?
Okay, that one had me. 
He was never that big on DQ. 
" Did you just see a commercial for DQ?"
I don't know, I don't remember?

My Brother came to visit
with his daughter
Are you going to Wendy's for dessert?
"Why?  Did you want a Frosty?"
I don't know, I just want dessert.

This is a man who had already had
an ice cream sundae
a root beer float

What the Hell!
Let's all have Dessert! 

Sweet Dreams,

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Change Engines

That Train has left the Station
May 2010  Rehab.
Dad is coming Home today. 
Medical equipment should be here soon.
Oxygen concentrator
Mechanical Lift
Dad should be here by 2pm.

Replaced the sump pump
Then the "up" pipe started to seep, now that's fixed
Notice a large water spot on the kitchen ceiling, called on that
Called to see about getting a removable ramp built out the front door

Work switched me to 12 hour shifts, (was four 9 hour shifts)
Cut back to 3 shifts.
Work called to ask if I could work today.

Some one asked me today,
"when is your vacation?" 
I had one Sept. 2006
(sailing on a schooner in Penobscot Bay)

Can't really count the last Mexico trip . . .
since I got no sleep as I seemed to be 24/7 with Dad

And my visits home . . . they REALLY don't qualify.
Actually they count about as much as going to my job.
They keep me SANE but . . .
they definitely are not vacation.