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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

saucepans, plates, and dishes.

get set . . .

week 2

PT started his work, and wondered what had been done in Rehab.  I had heard both from the Rehab and visitors, that much had been done.  I suspected it was more a loss of nutrition.
OT starts her work, and almost cries at the purple across Mom's arms.
The Nurse weighs her with me, on the scale in the kitchen.  I balance Mom, and she reads the scale, (I couldn't possibly do both!).  BP low side of normal, ankles improving, lung sounds good.
Jim and Dave build the Deck so I can get Mom out the front door and to the OLD MD office.
yep, that's Jack and Pepper
Didn't they do a beautiful job?  Check out the smaller ramp . . .
A handle!
and wheels . . . COOL!
What a fantastic job they did.  The larger ramp, we will also be able to pick up and store in the garage until needed again.  (repeat after me . . . WE WILL NOT NEED A PERMANENT RAMP.)
She's going OUT!
I do her hair and dress her nice and warm, (Yes it's the hottest July EVER, but she has NO insulation!), to go to the OLD MD office to transfer her files.  (No we haven't told either Him, cardiologist, or his Wife, primary doc, that she is leaving them.)  We glide down the ramp and off we go.  We do say good bye to a favorite Tech in the office and whisper our reasons and where we are going.  She is sad to see us go, but is very enthusiastic about our choice of NEW Cardiologist.  She remembers him as a resident at one of the local hospitals.

We manage to beat the rain home . . . in more ways then one.

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