bennington, vt.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

an extraordinary thing

Christmas Cards 
Done  and  Mailed.


On the other hand, 

Gingerbread Houses are NOT my forte.

Why does the icing stick to what it's not supposed to and run off what it is supposed to stick to.  It turns to concrete before you can spread it and oozes from the seams you are trying to "glue."

Granted it was a Kit, but come on.
both have structural issues, no matter how often I fixed them

bleeding red and white!

in this case the red "hardened" so fast I had to push the sprinkles in

sorry, just NOT going there . . .
at this point I set it aside, and might try again later.

So now you have completely forgotten that I have already mailed ALL my Christmas Cards!

Feel better?

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Now one can breathe


for my Faith has endured
and my efforts have been Blessed.
My Director of Nursing from my former JOB in New England called this morning, I have been offered and have accepted a 32 hour Night position starting the first week of January.  Glory!

I will miss a Family vacation, my Brother is trying to arrange, but the timing was not much in my favor anyway.  (I would have arrived home New Year's Eve after a 12-14 hour drive, unpacked, repacked, pawned off my dogs to someone, and gotten on a plane to who knows where on New Year's Day?)  I am happy to be spending a last set of Holidays with my whole family.  As a nurse it is just so hard to get enough time coverage to travel so far.  I was very fortunate to have such marvelous co-workers, who covered for me so I could spend a last Christmas week with my older Brother in 2007. 

The hope is that we can expidite orientation as quickly as possible.
Danny Kaye in the Court Jester Knighting Ceramony

Returning Home was a great unknown and I was making every effort NOT to fall into fear
Relief and Joy
are mine.

My young man, (for soon he will be 17), is doing well on antibiotics, but next he has to be able to tolerate "feedings."  Hoping he will be back to us and Home soon.  No paycheck for me, but I have plenty to do here still.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Alice's health

Health Coverage
1.  Cobra is costing me approx. $700/month

So, short term health insurance sounded like a good idea!  Approx. $100/month in case of emergency.  Even better get it for Dec. and Jan. and that way I will be covered in case I have to wait for a job at home.

2.  Oh, but we couldn't cover you in New England! 
           But what if I was just "visiting?"
    Well yes, then it would.

Then I had to ask a STUPID question.  What your definition of "resident?"
(as in resident of Michigan!)
A drivers license.

3.  But I don't have a Michigan drivers license!
          (I never knew how long I was going to be here,
          I was all set to finally get one in May,
          then everything went downhill).
          Then we CAN'T cover you.

I'm covered when I WORK and with COBRA because they are "group" coverage . . . individual is quite different.

Ok, well maybe I can get short term from my Home state.
My Home state does NOT do short term insurance.

I do however, qualify for subsidised (regular) health insurance, in New England, because I am apparently at poverty level, (I've been out of work so much this year).  I would normally have to wait until June, but because of precipitating events, I can apply now.

4.  $305/month, but I would be IN until June, no matter what! 

I guess another $700 for December with COBRA, and pray I have a job and insurance in January.

cuz I probably won't have any savings left either . . . moving, gas, car insurance, new car title, license plate, groceries, etc. 

Sorry, I don't think I mentioned, Mom is giving me her 10 year old car, (since I gave my 10 year old junker to my neighbor to sell for all his goodness and troubles), and she will keep Dad's 5 year old car.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

live in memory

                     Thank you                      

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Oct. 1st Mom and I travelled here by bus, with a church group.  Known for many things, it is best known as Northern Indiana's Amish Country.
We were fortunate to arrive in time for the Annual Fall Arts and Crafts Fair.

This Lady was quite informative.  She WAS rather surprised and delighted when I asked permission to take her picture.  Of course she then proceeded to regale me with a tale of a photographer from the day before who very nearly fell into the loom, she was so intrusive.

Must have Farm animals at a fair!
Farm Implements

I'm not sure this is a farm implement
but I do like the cow bell under the seat.

I found the perfect gift for my kind neighbor who cares for my home.  I spotted the one I wanted from the multitude they had on display . . . using every kind . . . new, old, stainless steel, enameled, copper, and silver plate "pots", (tea, steam, coffee, etc.). 
I told the "Crafters," as I bought it from them, that the "pot" was going home. 
I explained that it was returning HOME.

they cut a hole in the bottom, punched holes in the kettle and the tray, then zip tied it all.  The bird seed goes in the top by taking off the lid.  Yes, it holds a LOT.
I guess I'm a New Englander now,
I recognise RevereWare in a glance.
I never lived anywhere long enough to be a part of anyplace 'til now.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

French and music

My Mother's favorite radio station, (based in Toledo, Ohio), is playing Christmas Music already!
Just Shoot Me . . .
Now . . .
I like Christmas too,

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My heart

Happy Birthday
Big Brother
I miss you
I will see you again
one day.