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Monday, January 7, 2013

to measure

As nurses we are trained to create 
well defined 

Since the original 2004 stroke, we've looked mostly at what Mom CAN do, since she was actually expected to be dead or vegatative.
She could:
By her definition, she was now . . . stupid
unable to speak, unable to actively communicate, unable to think clearly, unable to get thoughts down on paper,  sometimes unable to remember, and had to re-read everything (repeatedly).

She likes murder mysteries, and was often frustrated that it would take at least one Renewal (total 6 weeks), to finish a book.

Lately, I thought she was getting faster, but then they were books I was picking out and bringing to her.

She went to the Library and checked out:
418 pages
She finished it Sunday.  It's due Saturday.  That's 2 weeks, over the holidays and NO renewals.

Good Golly,
that's measurable!

Eight years, we've worked at figuring out what she is trying to say.
  1. "write down a subject so I know what I'm trying to figure out."
  2. listening to cadence and sound alikes.
  3. yes can mean no, etc.
  4. knowing her well enough that we often need to translate to others.
In a noisy restaurant, yesterday, she had a ten minute back and forth conversation, covering numerous subjects, with a good friend . . . with neither of them asking for my assistance.

The next day, this friend called me up, having Just realized what had happened.  She wanted to know how long Mom had been back in speech therapy.  (NOT)

What's changed?

The drugs?

She's off (June 2012) the Metapropol and Verapamil for the first time since 2004.  
I added an oral B-12 supplement for neuro-connectivity.  (I was looking toward brain/muscle communication)

Walking and independence in her home were all the goals I was looking to.
It NEVER occurred to me, 
that such a CHANGE 
might happen.

How can one create a measurable GOAL
out of what had become 
an Impossible DREAM.

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GDad said...

Awesome progress!