bennington, vt.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

It was a golden crown.

They called while I ran errands, and Father said I wasn't in yet.  Rather then wait, they called me on my cell.

Please, you will call as soon as you come back from Mexico, so we may start you in orientation. We really want you on board here as soon as possible..
  • I seem to have a job.
  • I am trying to recall if there was an actual interview after the tests.
  • I am in Michigan, (the worst job economy in the country), aren't I?
I guess I was expecting, " . . . and so why do you think we should hire you?" or "What would your previous Director of Nursing say about you?"

(My previous DON not only gave me pointers on resume writing, but how to interview and how to "sell" myself.)

I guess the resume and testing . . . sold me.


THEY called yet again this evening, "can you come in for orientation tomorrow, 9am-1pm?"
Guess the mandatory background check was fine.


painted maypole said...

yay! congrats!

Sue Pelletier said...

I am so not surprised--why wouldn't they jump at the chance to hire you? Here's hoping you like the job...