bennington, vt.

Friday, July 15, 2011

gimble in the wabe

The following post has a grossness factor.
This is your warning!

Well, it can be said that I am thorough when I try to do myself in.  I also tend to be very creative at it.  This trait does not help when one tries to see a Doctor about the fix . . . it ALL just sounds so ludicrous!

I was helping my brother with yard work, chiefly digging out some ornamental grasses.  Unfortunately, it still had last years stalks in it.  Old stocks are often hard enough, you could hunt small animals with them!  In my effort to pry out some of this I fell into the grass and ended up with 3 puncture wounds.  2 bled, good thing, 1 did not, bad thing.

By the next day I knew Cellulitis was coming on, so off to Urgent Care.  Long story short, 6 days of serious antibiotics and compresses . . .
that swollen thing below the redness in my ankle

Back to Urgent Care with a change in ammunition.  After my shower last night, I noticed the scab was a bit moist and loose, so I tried wiping it away with a bit of tissue.  Out shot, (think ALIEN) . . .

remember what I said about small animals?

I guess I know why it wouldn't bleed and I couldn't get it to open up and drain well.  It looks considerably better today.

This is why I always keep my tetnus up to date!  You never know what sorry thing I will manage to do.

points, if you actually understand
the title of this post.


Sue said...

Beware the Jabberwock! Oops, too late. Well, I have to say you have the most creatively originated injuries of anyone I've ever met.

Alice said...

I will have to take that as a compliment.
Now I will give you one . . .
You always had the best facial expression when you asked, "You did WHAT . . . HOW!!?

Rudee said...

I'm think that is offish from the Jubjub bird.

Well, you proved you can certainly be creative with injuries. That looks awful, but as Shrek says, "better out, than in."

Judy said...

Twas brillig!
Ouch. That looks painful.

Alice said...

To 'gimble' is to make holes

'the wabe' is the grass-plot round

As defined by Humpty Dumpty and Alice.

You all got the placement, just not the meaning.