bennington, vt.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

very good indeed-

kissing frogs?
I like to think, as far as my profession goes . . .
I am
 very good at my job-
able to adapt to new situations-
excellent at problem solving-
alert to any shift in condition-

Traits, (I hoped), I would be able to translate into working for an agency and in the homes of pediatric patients.

Having worked 11pm-7am in Pediatric Long Term Care, I did work with some parents, but not many.  It was also, how should I say . . . "mutual turf."  I was well prepared for my patients, just not how to work in a family's home.
How to:
work quietly, (keep alarms to a minimum)-
work "clean" and not necessarily sterile-
stay awake in a dark quiet house of sleeping people-
be a "piece of furniture" in the intimacy of home life- 
and still maintain the priority of my patient-

Maybe too good . . .
My temporary position, covering for a nurse out sick, 
the family wants me to stay
instead of her coming back.

Excuse me, Mr. Recruiter, when exactly is MY NEW patient coming home from the hospital?

Friday, January 7, 2011

kept her waiting

Just breathe
somewhere in Penobscot Bay, (wish I was)

They are still trying to find me a new (appropriate?) patient, after all.

#1  a bit far, through a major metro. area, not sure on timing of hours, and still needs to be "re-admitted" to the agency.

#2  minimal work, school-age at cognitive level, great hours, great location, (close to home), nurse has not given notice yet.

#3  my experience and skill level, (post trauma, cognitive loss, etc.), not quite as close, reasonable hours, currently in hosp., may have vent.

Right now, they are trying to find me ANY hours to maintain my benefits.  So, I am doing orientation tonight and 12 hours Saturday.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Advice from a Caterpillar

Best Advice for the New Year
from a city worker
"Don't walk into open manholes"

I don't want to find the answer to . . .
"Can you hear me now?" 
from the other end of said manhole

Best compliment
My father to someone in a resturant
"We couldn't get by without her."

Best news . . . lately
My next gig is only . . .
one town over
12 hours
3 nights in a row