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Sunday, October 3, 2010

should be raving mad

about how I feel
It has been a very busy month . . . appointments, (often two in one day, not to mention the need to sleep sometime in that day), broken toe, (me, same toe twice in one week), and to top it off . . . Dad falling 3 times in one week . . . twice in consecutive nights, (my poor brother was probably lying awake the third night waiting for the phone to ring again at midnight!).  Of course the falls prompted more appointments and x-rays, and finally an answer to WHY he's had these periods of sudden unsteadiness.  An enlarged heart was noted and compared to previous chest x-rays by his Primary Doctor, (yes the same one that made the house calls after Dads last appalling hospital visit).  So, more medications, and more appointments.

I tried to find new local Doctors to go with the new insurance.  Dentist- great, found one!  Eye Doctor- terrific, found one!  Primary Physician- I am going to rip my hair out.  The insurance list of approved, accepting, and qualified Doctors is VERY OUT OF DATE!  They may still be "A A and Q" in state of Michigan, but they are no longer at the local listed address.  Arrrgghh!

Now I have to make the run home to winterize my house.  I went through the calendar through November, and this coming week is pretty much it.  Fortunately the date also passed muster with Mom and Dad, Brother, and Work.  After all the chaos I'm still working through, I hope I can take off early Monday morning.  12 hour drive.  I will need to be back Saturday night.  Did I mention I was up for 24 hours yesterday?  Oh yeah, and no internet, it's off at my house.

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