bennington, vt.

Monday, October 31, 2011

drive on, old fellow

You can drive my Car
. . .
on Halloween

be afraid

Happy Halloween
do you hear things that
go bump in the
 . . . . . . . Glowing Eyes . . . . . . .
 . . . . . . .peeking out at you . . . . . . .
It's just never quite as fun
in the bright light of Day!

Have fun
be safe!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

storm-wind's moody madness


16 inches of snow
and no power.
It was warm today,
so it's now a foot of "concrete"
I hear
it's supposed
to be 19 degrees tonight.
I'm glad my water is shut off!

Hang in there my friends, I hear Michigan is sending crews and trucks to help.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

to dress up

Halloween Costumes
What was your best Halloween Costume?
What was your favorite Halloween Costume?
Some of my favorites have had to do with Haunted Houses I have helped with.  So those don't really count.
My best was not a Halloween Costume,
and we managed it without makeup.

I had made a very special Birthday gift for my Brother and I wanted to give it to him personally.
I also wanted to surprise him.  His birthday was on a Sunday.  Most of his congregation knew me on sight. 
This was going to require stealth.
My neighbor leaped at this project.  She produced a never used Silver Wig, orange flowered polyester blouse, large black canvas boat shoes, orange flowered scarf, large black wrap sunglasses, old wooden cane, and I provided the basketball socks,  long brown knit skirt, and cardigan sweater.  I also wore a cream colored hooded pantsuit underneath.
the guy next door, thought her mother had come to visit.
The hood gave me a hump and allowed me to hunch, the skirt gave me room to keep my knees bent, (I am 5'9").  I pulled the sleeves of the sweater over my hands and had Kleenex stuffed up them. 
I carried a canvas bag with my real shoes and the gift.

I was assisted up the stairs into the Church and to my pew by an usher who normally knows me.  Unnoticed, I carefully removed pieces of costume during the service.  The sermon was about waiting for the surprise God has for you.  I removed the glasses, wig, and scarf last in one movement.  My brother was one of the few who then noticed.  (the choir sits facing the congregation, so SIL and a friend also figured it out)  He was surprised.

The usher stomped up, and said, "IT IS YOU!"

Mission accomplished.

I really miss my neighbor, she was a wonderful Lady.  She was also the mother of the neighbor who is now taking care of my home.

My Dad used to embarrass my Brother when he would forget and wear his slippers to Church.  My older Brother and I always planned to find Bunny Slippers for my Dad and send him to attend my younger Brother's Church service.  Alas we never found ones he could safely walk in.

Showing up as a "bag lady" was my best effort, my older Brother was proud!

no time

You may have wondered how I have so much time to write on this blog since my 2 week vacation.
3 guesses
First 2 don't count.
Yep, my patient went to the hospital
before I even got back.
Today, the letter arrived, notifiying me that my Medical benefits are gone again!
Hello Cobra

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Looking-Glass House

Again I leave,
but this time
I know
I will be back

Back to the Horses
around one corner

and the
little family-run Diner
around the other.


A pleasant walk

Real Dog Walking
I've missed that.

Ever since I had the "Accident" that knocked my right knee cap over and clobbered my left hip, I've tried to build up my legs again.  I used to walk all the way around the (large) block across the street.  (In the center of said block is the woods and my "pit of dispair".) 

In the last year I've only walked around the paved Condo circle where my parents live.  I have managed to get back to 4 miles on my bike, but due to weather, not as often as I had last year.  Of course my second accident didn't help my situation either.

Walking in the woods, with other people and other dogs is a fine thing to do once again. 
I really missed this

Monday, October 24, 2011

roast turkey

Thanksgiving on the "Hoof"
in my backyard
not just one
not four
not ten . . . although they are right outside the kitchen

More like a flock of fourteen
every evening
between 5 and 6pm.

We considered it our very own Dinner Theater.

admire the view?

I Spy With my Little Eye

No kidding, in the last month, I've spotted the
In Ohio
and a
In Massachusetts.

I'm almost afraid
to ask what I will see next
on the road!

time is worth

Mom and I have talked about my 2 years here. 
I ran to Michigan,
not knowing what

We've chosen to compare it to the Peace Corp.

2 years, little monetary compensation, away from my home, was able to help at least 3 families, had to learn a new language/ (geriatric medicine), different culture/ (trust me on this), and sometimes work in a war zone/ (3am work:  neighbors front door broken down/interview with sheriff's dept., 1am/3am/4am work:  shots fired, 12am work:   loud domestic disturbance on the other side of my patient's bedroom door, and of course Dad's "dementia/psychotic breaks".)

Everyone HERE keeps asking, but what about your Mother . . . what will she do without you, you can't leave?!!

Mom was opposed to my staying, until I finally got her to understand it was for Dad's care.  Yes, it was obviously going to KILL her if she kept on with him alone, and that's why I came, but, "for DAD" is the only way she would allow me to be here.

So now, it is time for us to get ready for me to
She will miss me.
I will worry about her.

. . . but my brother and his family are here, just a few towns over . . .
. . . and I
will still worry.
But I can't stay, she doesn't want it . . . (she cared for her mother-in-law for a year in our home . . . and it was HELL on earth for her and it has shaped her thinking), so I will go home, as she wishes.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

echoes live in memory

We went for two week so we could have a small vacation too.  We drove to the Cathedral of the Pines, in New Hampshire.  I thought Mom would like to see it. 
my favorite bit
nuff said

going to rain

We've had a lot of rain in Michigan, but the rain in New England has been CRAZY.
It may be Autumn, but the most common color is the blues and greens of mold!
If there be color . . . it is pale,
sometimes they turn brown and drop off,
sometimes they just drop.
my little tree is trying it's best

trotting home

Time to ready my home for winter,
replace the dead refrigerator,
find a job.

The plan is to return home at the end of December.  A job would be most helpful.  My former Director of Nursing would be Happy to have me back, but there needs to be an opening.

I'd like to work full time Nights again . . . I'm just saying!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

away at full speed

Your previously scheduled BLOG
will return after these words.

Okay, after I get back from New England!
Where it has finally stopped raining for 5 minutes, but seems to have ruined this year's color.  Seems it either washed away the leaves or the color is dull and washed out.

Oh yeah,
Go Tigers!