bennington, vt.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

handing her a pair of knitting needles

one hot yarn

I finished my first project, (which per the one class I took, was supposed to be a wash cloth).  OK, so it took a month, and I had to unravel my practice piece to make the length, but I was still working on the multi-colored winter scarf too.  I love the funky "yarn" I found for the fringe, I think it really makes it!


I was only working on this scarf when I was at the hospital, visiting.

Mom is knitting again too.  She's still practicing, but she is getting up to speed!  (I didn't push, she decided she was ready.)


painted maypole said...

purty ;)

Sue Pelletier said...

Nice! Hey, what kind of yarn is that multicolored scarf made out of? It's gorgeous (and wouldn't it make a cool sweater??).

Alice said...

The yarn really isn't as bright as it appears, (the surface it's on is black vinyl), it looks more like a colorful New Mexican sunset, (deeper colors).

Multi Casual Boucle by Sensations, (very soft).
Color 4670 (lower rt. skien and the knitted piece) and
Color 4672 (upper lt. skien)