bennington, vt.

Friday, March 2, 2012

in heaps

Did I mention snow???
This was yesterday after a day of snow . . .
I lost half my Dogwood in the Halloween storm . . .
Now this?

But wait,
There's More . . .
it kept snowing.

My town . . . 12.5 inches.

Two SNOWs this "season"
March 1st

don't even ask about the inbetween,
rain, bitter cold, ridiculously warm, etc.

glasses upon their heads

I've had many an Optician frown at my glasses, as I ask them to put new lens in my old frames.

"but really, they are terribly out of style!  Look these would be soo cute on you . . ."

Yes, but MINE cover my eyes well . . .

Now that my glasses are CLEAN, I'm going to go shower the red stuff out of my hair, check to see if there are any spots I have to soak off my scrub top, I wore my crocs - so they clean easily, and due to the foot of snow - I wore jeans, so no problem.

Since it wasn't my patient I was at the foot of the bed assisting, of course I did later ambu from on top of the bed as 4 others transferred the patient to the ambulance gurney.

I like red,
but for now,
I will take it this way.

This has been the topper for the worst week EVAH.