bennington, vt.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Alice was sorry

I just returned from my New England home.

I'm Sorry
I was unable to 
most all of You,
my beloved New England Friends.

My main goal was to get winter clothes.

In 4 days I . . .

1.  Change of address with post office
2.  Town H2O Dept.
3.  Property Tax Office
4.  Town Clerk
5.  Dentist (1st cleaning in a year and 2 days before a crown popped off)
6.  Veterinarian (only brought a month or 2 of heartgard, needed to make sure they didn't have heart worm)
7.  2 feet of mail to go through (and that was minus the junk mail)
8.  Update info with various magazines subscriptions
9.  Update info with various utilities
10. Winterize yard
11. Winterize house
12. Insurance Agent about the House
13. Obtain my New Scrub tops and shower curtain I had a friend make
14. Rummage through 3 bins of winter clothes to come up with 1 bin
15. Ship bin to Michigan (1 kennel with 2 dogs, and walker I need constant quick access to for Mom, and very little more will fit in the car going back)
16. Vote (3rd time on same question . . . NO means NO)
17. Furniture store to spend almost $400 gifted from said store (expires 1/6/13 picture ID required)
18. Live and in Person see my Home's New roof, side entry, basement windows, and the repairs to eaves and foundation (all done after I left in July)

I did not even take time to take pictures of all the improvements done to my Home. (dang it!  none! nada! ahh rats!)

So, I repeat . . .

I'm sorry, I did not 



while I was Home.

I'm going to sleep for a couple days now,
Four 740 mile drives in one month is starting to get to me.

All my love,

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

shrink any further

I've been trying to get Mom back to a healthy weight.

Her appetite is back, but there seems to be that old Dieter Mentality still lurking.

Back to her old self, she found an outfit she liked in one of the dozens of catalogs that come every week.  She insisted on ordering her old size.  I questioned this and suggested at least one size smaller.
"but I've ALWAYS been this size!"
The beautiful pair of charcoal gray slacks came . . . and she realized if she doesn't wear a (tight) belt, they will be around her ankles.


Last night with her football game, she requested a big bag of popcorn, (unusual and I did not need to feed half the bag to the birds), then she did not complain when I brought the nightly root beer float, and this morning was the first time she did not try to give me half her cinnamon roll.

we have 

Friday, November 2, 2012

an un-birthday

Happy Un-Birthday 

to you!
less then two months before you left
It is quite strange to think, 
that I am now older then you
Oddly enough, July 16th, when I returned most recently, was the official passing of you in age.

I miss our phone conversations.  I always enjoyed your opening line . . .
"So have you heard from our OLDER sibling?"
For some strange reason, everyone always thought our Younger Brother was the eldest.

So there you are, after 9 years of dancing with cancer, still looking young and "full of it!"

See you later.

Love to you always,

your sister