bennington, vt.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

she began shrinking


She looked wretched 
Cheeks are sunken
Dark circles about her eyes
Her arms were bone thin and a patchwork of purple
She began to cry 

I signed her out.  
No one asked to show me 
I knew how to transfer her from wheelchair to car, etc.
I placed her in the car, returned their chair, and headed for "home."  
I got her out of the car and into the wheelchair my brother had acquired.
I got her up the 3 stairs and into the house . . . somehow and without injury to either of us.

When I texted this . . . my S-I-L said she considered that a miracle and that she had had no idea how I would accomplish it.

She had NO interest in food.  
I pulled all the frozen meals out of the freezer, that she had bought herself.  None looked good to her.  I begged and pleaded for every bite.

The Home Health Nurse, (two days later), and I managed to weigh her.  After two days of eating half a Lean Cuisine, (and you know how small those servings are), at each meal, with snacks in between, (half a small banana, half a container of applesauce, half a container of pudding, etc.), she is missing at least 20 pounds.

I guess I know why she has no energy.
I guess I will be here longer then a month.


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Thinking of you...

Sue said...

So sorry she's not doing any better, and that you're going to be there longer than you had hoped. Hang in there.