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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

the fire-irons came first

on your marks!

week 1

The Rehab had already booked out patient care:  care check Nurse, Occupational Therapist (OT), and Physical Therapist (PT).
I called Jim the Contractor, to have him come by and build a temporary ramp out the front door.  (the condo assoc. allows a temp. ramp out the front door for ONE month, after that if there is still a need, a permanent ramp can be built . . . but it MUST be in the garage.)  I asked for a short ramp from the threshold that would be portable and a 2nd ramp that would be supported by a cut-out of the stairs.  (the short ramp could be put in the car and used at my brothers house to get Mom in their house.)
I started calculating what it would take to get Mom in the shower.  Rolling shower doors can be removed.  Already have a shower chair. Something to keep her damp feet from slipping on the vinyl flooring . . . hmmmm.  Ah hah, a tub mat with the suction cups on the bottom.  I don't imagine the ever envisioned it used outside the tub!
I called and made an appointment with the NEW Cardiologist I had chosen, but want to take Mom to the OLD office to sign for the record transfer, so they have it in time for her appt.

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