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Thursday, August 9, 2012

within her reach


week 3

We scheduled nothing for the day of her appointment with the new Cardiologist.  Nothing . . . except the shower.

just need to set up
She was quite nervous about it, although I kept trying to reassure her that I knew what I was doing.
after, I still needed to dry the floor even though I used one shower door during the shower. The plastic bag allows easy rotation once on the chair.
I miscalculated the placement of the tub mat and her one foot stepped off, but I blocked it with my own.  (we've done this a few more times since with absolutely no problems)
doors off, Mom in, door on, shower, door off, Mom out.

Mom admitted it wasn't as bad as she thought.  No new bruises, No skin tears.  Whooo-hoo!

Mom LOVES her new Cardiologist and He is fascinated by her and her abilities, (I carry a still of one of her scans showing the damage from the original stroke).  He talked to her, he listened to her, and was thrilled when he got the gist of her meaning.
We have a Cardiologist after our own hearts!

By the end of the week, OT upped Mom to 3 pound weights on her arms as she does her exercises.  OT is planning to release after only 2 more weeks.
PT is planning on starting her on walking with the walker beginning next week.
He's obviously working hard while she does her leg exercises with one and 1/2 pound weights on her ankles.  He learned not to lean over her when he realized that she was starting to aim for his head with her legs!
I knew she was feeling more herself when she started muttering about the PT when he wasn't around!

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