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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Alice got behind

and needs to Ketchup!

(ah go ahead and groan!)

A lot has happened since I broke Mom out of Rehab July 16th.  
  • She does laps with the walker . . . she is still dependent on the wheel chair, but since home care ended I have kept up with it almost every day.

I did mention I'm the short one in the family, right?
  • She starts at an out-patient therapy facility this Friday, where she will be able to work up to stairs.
  • She sees the new Primary Physician Thursday.
  • She's gone out to restaurants, shopping and had her hair done.
we have appetite!
  • She wants to try normal seating around the house.

nap time
Go Tigers

I have been busy too.  Once I had things figured out and running smoothly, I needed SOMETHING to do.

I decided to "brick and block" Mom's front gardens, at least up to the temp. ramp.  Of course this also required the ripping up of the black plastic edging, laying new weed block fabric, mulch and lava rock.
Ok, here's the "what was I thinking when I decided to do this?" These are the "bricks I used . . . they are top stones for the retaining wall blocks.  Used fewer, cheaper, and could bring to level of the blocks.  Insane to hand dig that deep while avoiding plants.  I did dig out some and replanted after.  My arms and hands STILL hate me!
I will finish this when the ramp comes out.

2 funerals for young people . . .
Honest, this is not the lounge at the funeral home  . . .  it is the Mc D's across the parking lot. Gee, wonder who owns/manages this franchise location.  (at least they had the exact same decorator!)
Two things Brother and I have discussed.
  1. I am probably here for the duration.
  2. Let's just go ahead and put a ramp in the garage.  We will most likely have the temp. out before the snow flies, but there is the future, and NOW is the time to do it.
I'm thinking of maybe advancing my education once I get her back on her feet.  Most likely work on converting my Education degree to nursing.

It would be nice to go back Home to MY job with something more to offer them.  They have been so supportive . . . besides it would keep up my CEUs, make my Mom happy, and keep me busy and not insane.
I would have considered going back to the agency just to do a few nights with my young man, but alas, he had to move on this week . . . and is playing hockey in heaven.  I'm going to miss that boy.

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Judy said...

I am very sorry to hear about your young man.
But I am not surprised that you have your mom on the road to recovery!
And in my opinion (not that anyone cares) I think ALL new built homes should come with mandatory ramps. It's just better that way.