bennington, vt.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

just upset

Wednesday night was sooo nice.
My young man was happy to see me.
he fell asleep shortly after I took over,
he smiled every time he woke up and peeked at me.

We both had a really great night.  
I should be working tonight.
He's back in the Hospital.
They are all so tired, frustrated, and depressed.

After 2 and a half months in the Hospital they got to come home to "normalcy" for 3 days, and now they are back in.

Christmas and his birthday are coming, they want him home, and more then that . . . they just want him better. 
Prayers people, prayers.

after work Thurs. morning, I drove up for the
meeting on how to take care of him . . .
the U of M person had to cancel.  sigh.


Rudee said...

Perhaps they'll do the training before he is sent home next time. I can't imagine how exhausted this poor family must feel.

Alice said...

He had nothing really new.

Basic nursing:
Dark urine.
without fluid restrictions.
Give more fluids.

Dx dehydrated for one, which also causes a decrease in his already poor motility.

Whatever happened to nursing judgement or common sense?