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Sunday, October 14, 2012

gunpowder and sealing-wax

Several months ago interest was expressed in attending a Class Reunion . . . in Nebraska.

The RSVP was done with the hope that enough advancement would be made in mobility, that a walker would be the only thing needed.

However, a three week lag between in-home therapy and out-patient therapy, put us a little behind.  (still needs monitoring with standing and sitting--she rocks on walking though.  If she wants freedom of movement in the house, it's the wheelchair, and she has built up impressive upper body strength pushing the wheels across new carpet with thick padding!)

So between the two cars, space wise, it has to be the 11 year old Chevy.  (a wheelchair, walker, kennel for the two dogs, bag for both our CPAP gear, food for dogs, etc.--the smaller 5 year old car was NOT going to do it!)
everyone loves the large wheels on the walker
(Mom was not happy when told we were sharing my duffle bag)

2 weeks before road trip . . . ignition . . . dead as door nail.  Apparently the "ignition security box housing" bit the dust.  (locked "out" of my car . . . from the inside, and yes, Mom and wheelchair were with me.)  Several hundred dollars later and the warning to check everything we are going on a 740 mile trip, I feel confident in car readiness.

Week before road trip, car is dead as said door nail, yep Mom and chair are with me again.  One jump, one new battery and more money later, my confidence is lagging.  (AAA asked if I would need a ride in the tow-truck, if the jump didn't work . . . I started laughing at the thought of trying to get Mom into a tow-truck)

(at this point, if it was just the class reunion, we would probably "bag out," but we both wanted to see her brother and the rest of our small family in Nebraska.  My Uncle spent most of last year, in hospitals, surgeries, rehabs, and trying to keep one foot on earth.)

how good would 
feel about this?

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