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Monday, October 15, 2012

the pink daisies

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I was called the other day by the NBCF for a donation.  Aside from the fact I am currently not making any money and am paying for repairs to my Home, it annoys me no end that they do NOT acknowledge MALE Breast Cancer unless specifically asked.

  • First off they claim it is rare.  Most men ignore symptoms, most doctors dismiss symptoms, and most men who do die of Breast Cancer NEVER knew they had it, instead bone cancer, brain cancer, lung cancer, etc.
  • They rarely admit that men can pass it on to their children just as women can.  The Hospital that does my mammogram finally added "male relatives with" to their questionnaire.
  • They talk about all the women they plan to help. . . and the men?  No?
Don't get me wrong, they do good work and they do need money, but I get the same responses from Korman, Avon, etc., and I've done some of the "walks" to raise money in my Brother's Honor and (later) Memory.

Near the Garden, where His and my Father's ashes raise up flowers in the Spring.

Ironically, Greg was diagnosed in October.  Fortunately, he mentioned symptoms to his Doctor, (Ok, 6 months after he first noticed them).  Miraculously, his Doctor, (and this was 14 years ago) immediately sent him for a Mammogram and to an Oncologist.

Over 9 years he progressed from Mastectomy, Chemo, Metastasis to the Bone, Radiation, a horribly fractured foot, (just walking), Metastasis to the Lungs, Chemo again, Thoracentesis of several liters (6-7 liters at a time) a few times, pleurodesis to both sides of his chest, Pulmonary embolism, Hospice, and finally after all this, his Doctor telling him his travelling days were over, (no Hawaii trip with his Wife for their anniversary), Greg decided it was time to "push up daisies."

I did everything I could to help my Brother from 740 miles away . . .

Examining x-rays
Translating test results
Evaluating Chemo therapies
Conference calls with Doctors
Investigating Homeopathic "cures" he would find
Discussing hard and soft parameters for "calling the game"

after hearing he had set down to his bed . . .
I was coming to help his wife so she could get some sleep . . .
she told him I was coming . . . 
(5 hours later and 5 hours before I was to arrive)
he died. 
(7 days before even the Hospice Nurse expected).

I still have a (2005) e-mail from him:

sent you a box of mich only things!!!!!  LOL
now i got you wondering ??????
just a thank you from me
for helpingme through this mess of health and keeping me alive
thankyou love greg

I don't recall what he sent . . .
to me 
the last 2 lines said everything.

So, Go Forth,
Live, Learn, Love,
and Remember,
it's not JUST about Women,
it's about
Our Children
Boys and Girls

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Rudee said...

It's not JUST about women. It affects us all. I recall walking behind a couple of women in the San Francisco 3 day. One walked in memory of a man with a photo on her back and another for her 18 year old sister. It IS a scourge.

I'm sorry for your loss and that you weren't with him when he passed.