bennington, vt.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

better manners,

I get a really

Perverse Enjoyment

torturing telemarketers.

My Mother,  between her declining hearing and difficulty communicating & understanding what's said, never answers the phone.

Due to her (and my Father's) age, she gets a huge number of marketing calls.  (Trust me, the number is on the Do Not Call list.)  Most are the particularly annoying-- computers, but occasionally I get a live someone who asks for . . .

Mr. So and So

I thoroughly enjoy bluntly responding . . .

He's Dead.

You can't say "passed away," they don't necessarily notice what you have said as they launch into their spiel.



that gets their attention!

sometimes it's . . .

Ahhh, ummm, so sorry.  click

Oh, I'll take him right off the list. click

We do steam cleannnn . . . ahhh, oh click

or my favorite . . .


Lately I've been putting it on speaker for Mom to enjoy too.  Even the Republicans are starting to get on her life long Republican nerves!


Rudee said...

They really can be annoying, can't they? So glad you have a plan to deal with them that brings you both a little amusement.

GDad said...

When Son first joined our family, he briefly toyed with the idea of a name change for his first name for one day. We filled out a form with that name to get a free lunch bag. Evidently, we also made "Aaron" a year older than Son. Now "Aaron" gets offers for credit cards, college information, and so on. Sometimes, telemarketers call for "Aaron," and all of us act very sad that he passed away a few months back.

Alice said...

Wow, today it was the Masons
. . . and THEY were at the funeral!
. . . and they had acknowledged gifts in memory of my Dad.
. . . and the guy wanted to know how HE, (dad), and we were doing!

I replied, "he's still DEAD and Good Bye!"