bennington, vt.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

many acres of ground?

We made good time.  We divided the 740 miles into two days of driving.  (granted, my home, in the complete opposite direction--I usually do in a straight 12 hours, but I know that route VERY well.)  
the farm at sunrise
AAA was a bit strange on the Trip Tik . . . they sent us one way going and a slightly different way coming back.  No obvious reason except to send us through MORE construction on the way back. (one tik, but really looked like two different people set it up)
The other fun, was not only does AAA, not know how to find my Uncle's address, but neither do any of the other mapping programs!  Fortunately I managed Cell service and have an extremely patient Aunt.  (thank you Aunt K.)  
Acres of Dry
We arrived safely, and it was a joyful meeting of Family.  Especially for two halves of a family who have each had many trials and tribulations since last we met.

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Rudee said...

Beautiful photos. Glad you had a safe journey.