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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

leave the oyster bed

On the Road to Nebraska
Prettiest Inside of a rest area building
outside the same building
cool or what?
Best View from a rest area on this trip
Best Staff at a rest area

From the West side of the Mississippi
Found a Hotel with an accessible room and headed out to find Dinner.  Heard about an AW, and thought that would hit the spot.  Didn't expect it to be in the "convenience store" of a BP station, but pulled in and parked.  We had a nice sit down meal with a view of the laundromat in the other half of the building.  (everything you could possibly need except . . . ah, never mind, there was an ATM too)

This was the unexpected view across the back alley!
I think they should visit my neighbor.
Actually, it's too bad they couldn't have met HIS Dad,
my Original neighbor!

He has more
A lot more

And finally . . . 

Honestly, I have never had the desire to eat a tanker truck.

Iowa was hands down winner on Rest Area accessibility on this trip.  Handicap buttons for hydraulic doors to access buildings and bathrooms at ALL the areas.  No matter how rustic the facility was -- bathrooms were clean and roomy.

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GDad said...

Mmmm... tanker truck sandwiches.