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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Men have chests too
My older brother was diagnosed in October 1999.
lump/nipple inversion
Kudos to his Primary who immediately sent him for a mammogram and a consult with an Oncologist who also immediately acted.
Radical Mastectomy
Stage IV
3 months to a year--with chemotherapy.  He did it, but he swore he never would again,ever.
They begged him to try chemo again, NO, radiation only . . . which weakened his bones.
They promised the chemo was better and not as awful . . . he tried it again, but in January 2004 we realized the poisons were killing him rather then the cancer.
He just wanted to see his 50th birthday.
He continued on oral drugs.
November 2006 he turned 50, I called to wish him a Happy Birthday and tell him I was coming out for Christmas, but because of my job and the holiday it would be December 2007.
February 2008
I talked to him Monday, and he told me what I needed to do with my car to get it fixed, (he was still doing chores about the house).
Tuesday the Doctor told him no more travelling . . . he'd wanted to take his wife to Hawaii, (he'd asked if I would come along and help).
Wednesday evening his wife called to tell me he was failing, (the Hospice Nurse was upset, because she was going on vacation the next week and she wouldn't be there for them).  I told my SIL that I HAD to get the car fixed the next morning, but as soon as it was I would let her know what I had found for flights.
Thursday I called to say I would be flying out the next morning and would relieve her at night so she could sleep.  She told him, (comatose), that I was coming.

She called me back to say he was gone.  She believes he left so fast because I was the one person he would have stayed for.  I would never have asked that.
He still looked like a bouncer for a Biker Bar.
6 foot 2 - 300 lbs
He rode a Harley
He had Breast Cancer 
He LIVED 9 years past a diagnosis of Stage IV
When I go for my Mammogram, I always list brother under close relatives diagnosed.  The Tech. questioned it once saying:  We meant BREAST cancer!
It happens more often then most Doctor's even think. 
It can be passed on to their Children, just like with women.


amanda said...

I wear pink all October and will add Gregory's name to the people I wear pink for....

Alice said...

Thank you.