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Saturday, October 30, 2010

I beg your pardon,

Pepper and Jack . . .cheesy . . . yeah, I know.

Mom, has communication issues after a rather devastating stroke 6 years ago.  With us, she becomes frustrated when trying to communicate, and with others, she rarely tries.

Then came Pepper and Jack
Pepper NEEDS attention . . . her method of drawing peoples attention to this need is to bat their arm or leg with a paw.  (It's a long story, but she thinks she's a cat.)  Not a good method, since she leaves bruises and scratches.

Jack on the other hand, can communicate paragraphs with a look or stare.  (He is very patient and none of this "Lassie" stuff for him.)  My family always found this weird that I KNOW what he is saying.

Then it happened, the day my Mom came to me and excitedly said, "Jack talks!"
She understood, completely, one of his looks.  Then she realized she understood ALL of his looks.

-Hmmm, the dog is able to communicate his wants and needs without speaking or writing, and you completely understand him?
-Yes, . . . Oh!
-Hmmm . . . he can't talk, can't write and you understand what he is saying . . . hmmm . . . imagine that, maybe a little patience . . . hmmm?

Lately, she has, she does, and she seems happier.
Thanks Jack.


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amanda said...

It is amazing the power animals have, isn't it? You have your very own set of therapy dogs right under your own nose :) Glad your mom is finding something that relaxes her anxiety/ fear of not being able to communicate and allows her to find the peace to try.