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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

uncertain on their feet

Deja vu

He had a great morning, we went out - to see his Doctor for a regular exam.  Entering the house, his leg lost strength, and he went down, scraping his other leg.  While I iced and cleaned the leg, he took his blood sugar--136, fine.  The weakness though, became very generalized and continued through the day. 

By the time I was to leave for work, he felt it would be best if he went to the hospital alone with the ambulance.  (I was to go to work, and Mom was to go get some sleep.)  In the morning we went to see him at the hospital--still in the ER.  16 hours post arrival they gave him a room.

I brought in copies of his blood sugar/insulin record book, to show his "compliance." 

They discharged him the next day.  I went to go pick him up, collected his things while the aide got him dressed.  I stopped at the desk to tell them where I would pick him up.  Here we go:

  1. Doctor's diagnosis:  Hypoglycemia  patient does not do blood sugars and takes insulin according to his whim.

  2. Doctor is releasing home to 24 hour nursing care.  (Yeah, I'm a nurse, but I work/sleep  sometimes!)

  3. PT states:  cannot go home in this condition, needs Rehab.

  4. We will transfer him to a Rehab.

  5. Oh, we can't, we NEVER admitted him, we simply put him on an Observation Unit.

  6. It will have to be ALL "out of pocket" since we never admitted him, Medicare won't cover.
I turned to them and said, "I will have the car at the main entrance, please have him there."  They turned to my Dad, and he said "I agree with her."

  1. No reasonable diagnosis.

  2. What 24 hour nursing care?

  3. Tell us Rehab. and then take that out of play, because of what you did.

  4. Never even looked at the leg injury.

  5. 16 hours sitting in the ER?????

  6. . . . and when would you like my Mother to come in with another stroke, because she was taking care of him while I was unavailable

  7.  . . . and you don't want me to go away upset?


painted maypole said...

and this was the "good" hospital.

Alice said...

Not anymore.
Dad does not plan to go back, ever.