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Saturday, September 4, 2010

doesn't suit

If I hear Hoof beats . . . Thank you Nikon Sniper
Oddly enough, many times my correct diagnosis . . . despite the adage, often has been a Zebra!

For them that don't know the Medical adage:

Just because you hear hoof beats think horse, not Zebra.
It's more likely a cold then dengue fever.
I am my own best case in point:
How many other people can't tolerate and actually gain weight eating plants.  I am the antithesis of a Vegetarian, and not because I want to.  No fruits, No veggies, No nuts, No seeds, and most herbs/spices are out.  I somewhat tolerate grains . . . except corn and oats.  My skin is clear, I've lost 45 lbs, (so far, am still losing), my blood work is pristine, and yes I am regular, (ALL since I figured this out a year ago)!

I eat rabbit food . . . I gain weight
I eat cheeseburgers . . . I lose weight
And yes, I do know Nurse's are not suppose to do "Medical" diagnosing, but the doctors and dentists did not figure it out in 48 years. After 31 years of bleeding gums, loose teeth, bruising, and anemia . . . I figured out I had scurvy . . . I was not absorbing enough Vit. C from my diet. (Odd, since my childhood was spent in S. Cal. with lemon, lime, and tangerine trees in our back yard - a very quick snack any time of day!)  Approx. 18 years ago I started High dose time-release Vit. C. When I cut out all plants last year, I did not need to increase the dose. Guess I wasn't absorbing any!
Best guess, probably a familial enzyme issue that has affected at least 5 in Dad's family in very different ways.
  1. I was getting more then enough exercise
  2. my diet was healthy, just apparently NOT for me 
  3. I brushed, I flossed, and (contrary to what THEY thought) I did NOT have gum disease

My Doctor offered to send me to a Specialist to test out the "root of it."  Enough already!  . . . I'm happy, he's happy, it's stupid and bizarre, but we're happy.  Doc says I'm definitely not in any of his medical books.
We faced the facts, I am a Zebra in soooo many ways, we just shake our heads now.

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Stephen Baird said...

Glad you enjoyed.
I like to think zebras because we are told to think horses ... like you state.
A comic is always trying to hit the pitch another way that is not expected to catch the listener by surprise ... so Illinois is full of zebras in my mind.
All the best and thanks for dropping by to NikonSniper.