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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

you are a simpleton."

The Angelique anchored in safe harbor.

Test.  He said Test.  As in one . . . not SEVEN Tests.  Med surg., Pedi., Vents, Pharmacology, Safety, OSHA, HIPAA . . . and I had to have 80% to pass.

Breathe . . . peace . . . calm waters . . . gentle breezes . . . breathe.

Actually, he said I did exceptionally well.  Two tests to retake, with one I only missed by one question, (I don't know how to clean a vent circuit in the home, Day shift changed them and they had a pasteurizer at the Facility!)  The other test, he said, I would have been fine, but by then I started 2nd guessing myself. 

So, quick learn/review and I'm all good.  I'm not going to be required to take the home ventilator class . . . which I'm told is highly unusual.

Whew, then maybe I'm not an idiot!

They also wanted to know how BEST to make me happy working for them.
I promise I won't do a "Sally Field."

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(I always knew you weren't an idiot)