bennington, vt.

Monday, April 19, 2010

"I'll tell it her,"

Voyage into the unforgiving jungle
it was a dark and stormy night . . .

I was able to procure a pilot willing to fly me into where my boat was to be moored.

I then had to navigate the wild and raging river to the clearing I had been told of to meet the rest of my party.

Alas, many in my party were lost forever, as we sped through the dense jungle on the roiling river.

Suddenly we broke through the jungle, and came upon some great idols.  We could only guess at what kind of sacrifice they would call for.

We had yet to meet the natives and were becoming quite anxious.

Suddenly, we noticed a group of strangely clothed natives coming towards us . . .

They welcomed us with traditional dances.
The drums were relentless . . . and I began to understand the passion of some for "Dancing with the Stars."

Although, it was at this point I began drinking the elixir they offered . . . to be polite, of course, no sense offending anyone.

They seemed to have many pools around the complex, and were intent that we cleanse ourselves. 
(A drink and wash, rather decent these chaps!)
Afterward, some of my party was led to a rather large central pyramid.

As they were dragged up, I thought I heard screams, but alas, they were probably just very excited to see something new.
Oh well, you only live ONCE!

In the mean time, I shall continue to cool in this pool and drink this wonderful elixir.


Thank me for leaving off any and all "Fantasy Island" references, cuz walking through the lobby two of us, had to suffer through an awful and very loud rendition of "The Love Boat."

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