bennington, vt.

Friday, April 9, 2010

"She'll have to go back from here as luggage!"

From the dark rainy skies of Michigan


The bright sunny skies of Mexico

Adios, amigos . . .
see you in a week.

Orientation - done.  Testing - completed.  I even have a company ID.
I ended up teaching about trachs to the other Nurse orientees during the Lab portion.
So, should have a small paycheck waiting when I get back.
Again, wow, what a week.

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bigscreenarchives said...

Alice, Way to go ! so glad your finding a good job and "putting up" with Michigan :) I've been in discussions with several radio managers that all want to hire me then their regional managers turn down any new would seem that 24 years of experience is a negative because they expect I would cost a small fortune which is not true. not sure what's next ? were not making our bills now and I'm starting to panic so I appreciate your pulling for us and praying for us, hopefully things will turn around this week :) enjoy mexico, weather getting better in Michigan soon, safe journeys, Kevin