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Saturday, April 3, 2010

"You're travelling the wrong way,"

Ride to the end of the line.  Henry Ford Museum.

I am often asked how I came to be in New England if my folks live in Michigan. 
I blame them. 
They started it.
Dad's entire extended family, for the most part, live in the Indiana/Illinois area.
Mom's entire extended family live in Nebraska.
Mom and Dad met in New Mexico, (good ole Los Alamos Labs).
They had my older Brother in Ohio.
4 years later they had me in Tennessee, (did I mention they lived in Calif., in between?).
4 years after that they had my younger Brother in California.
5 years later, (post "man on the moon"), the space industry went kaput, so off to Michigan.
This of course, is leaving off locales with WWII service and College/University.

So, we travelled often to visit Family, usually by car or rail.  Vacations, of course were always car expeditions . . . Alaska, Mexico, Washington DC, Arkansas, etc.

Again, I blame them . . . wouldn't you?

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