bennington, vt.

Monday, December 5, 2011

to beg,

I feed the local birds

with cayenne laced suet 
a feeder full of thistle seed.
Nothing a squirrel would ever touch 
aside from the fact I have two terriers

The condo assoc. is adamant about not feeding the local wildlife and attracting vermin, (ie: rats, feral cats, and

The neighbors, (most of them), leave out unshelled peanuts, and the local squirrel population, regularly make the rounds.  

By now,
the squirrels should know 
I don't feed them!
I opened the sliding door to take the pictures . . .
I slammed the door shut 
when he came across the deck,
and to within a foot of the doorway
with NO intention of stopping.

at home, close to the house I feed birds only,
further out the yard I feed the squirrels, turkeys,
and whatever else wanders by.

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