bennington, vt.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

dressed in crimson

Friday night we attended the BH Fest.  I am so glad, that if I had to be here for two years, that it was during a Boar's Head year.  
They only do BH every four years, since it is such a massive undertaking.  My Sister-in-Law, Brother, and Niece all had parts in the production, so it was particularly exciting to see.
Angel, "star", Holy Family and Kings
Angel Choir
Actually I strongly suspect, (knowing all the stress my SIL went through as one of the Theatrical Directors), it is every 4 years, so that they get new suckers volunteers who have just moved to the area!  Well that, or maybe it's like childbirth . . . you forget . . . in the beauty that has been wrought.

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