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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

opposite direction

Time and peace have gone.
My only racing about this Holiday season has been to obtain, fill out and return all obligatory paperwork for my new/old job.  (At this writing it truly is my old Job as it is now 40 hours on Nights.  Hooray!  Except that my finances are so depleted, it was tempting to stay at 32 hours.)  No jockeying for position in stores to buy gifts.  No pay check in 2 and a half months, No money for much of anything.

I was called last week and told, my young man would be home, and I needed to come to the office for a class by U of M on how to take care of him, on Thursday the 13th.  (Since I work the first four nights of the week, then I am set until the 18th, right?)  Today I was called and asked if I could work Wednesday night the 12th. 
Well, what about the class on Thursday morning?
You still need to come in for that so you can learn his new care.
So who is taking over for me at 7am?
Nobody, all his nurses need to be at the class to learn how to take care of him.  Oh, and you will be training a nurse on his care that night too.
uh-huh . . .

So I am taking care of my young man, AND training someone else on how to care for him on Wednesday night to Thursday morning.  I will then leave him to his Family, (with no nurse to replace me), and travel further north to the office to attend a meeting on how to care for him.  

just does NOT seem to cover it!

Continuing on my now hectic schedule, I babysit my niece that afternoon and evening.  
Friday is quiet . . . so far.  
Saturday 11am rehearsal for the Cantata, 2pm Christmas Carol Service at the nursing home, 7pm Christmas Concert to attend.  
Sunday I am the Reader and sing in the Christmas Cantata, and then back to work . . . 

now that I know how to take care of Him!

I love him and his family dearly, but my "string pullers" . . . 
it's a paycheck . . . it's a paycheck.

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Rudee said...

I believe in this case, you could also substitute the term Back-Asswards. I swear some people cannot add 2 plus 2.