bennington, vt.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

water to throw

We've had, as a family, many
Water Crossings.

A water heater rupture . . . 
     -in a basement filled with cardboard boxes filled with my roomie's teaching supplies.
A major hurricaine and devastating flood . . .
     -right after my Brother's family moved to Louisiana and just dedicated the new church building the weekend before.

A severe ice storm . . . 
     -that took down forests of trees and knocked out power for 2 weeks during a sub-zero winter in New England. 

A ruptured water pipe . . .
     -in the second floor bathroom of an unoccupied home.

I, (who have slept through chainsaws), awoke- running down the basement stairs and shut off the water.
     -5 boxes were lost, (contents saved) out of 100+, (and I gave up having an indoor pool).

Family escaped to high ground.
     -minimal damage to house and church . . . all things considered.

We had cut down many scary trees, in my yard, the summer before and I was able to keep the house sort of warm with the kitchen gas stove.
     -my neighbors stayed very warm else where, but at home, all their water pipes froze and ruptured down 3 levels.  It took them a year of rebuilding.

Only 20 min. of water pouring out, because someone happened to be there.
     -carpets, walls, ceiling, wood flooring, etc., BUT, only in one 2 level section of the house.

. . . Yeah, it stinks.
But like the Israelites arriving at the Red Sea with the Egyptian Army hot on their tails . . .
"Damn, that's alot of water!"

. . . and then you see the other side.

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