bennington, vt.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

O frabjous day!

in the distance . . .
I can almost see it . . .
a favorite dog walking spot
farmer's field on the left, forest on the right,
and rail trail beneath 
My Patient is to have surgery, and as Grace would have it, I will be able to take that time to go and prepare the house for summer.
(indeed Grace, for I receive no paid time off .  To go home in April, would be too early, and June is not possible as my Brother will be unavailable.   The earliest the appt. could be scheduled was mid May, perfect for me.  A timing conflict arose and the family needed a new Date.  FIRST WEEK OF MAY.  Hooray!   Now I will not need to take an extra week off, and once again risk my benefits.)
My JOY was boundless, (people in the supermarket were staring as I leaped in the air and pumped my fist!), when my Brother confirmed that he would be able to stay with Dad.
Mom will come with me.
She can share the driving.
Time away will be good for her.

Driving 1500 miles round trip,
doing yard work, and
cleaning house . . .

we have managed to keep my patient healthy since his last MONTH long hospitalization.  We will accept all prayers that this surgery goes without complications and that he does not have to stay longer then a weeks recovery.

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Sue said...

Hopefully it will have stopped snowing by then! Safe travels and we'll see you in less than a month.