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Saturday, April 30, 2011

ought to pay

When I hired on with the Agency,
a point was made of the fact that
they gave performance based raises.

My Annual Review was Friday.

Silly perhaps, for me to think this, but I thought it would be automatic.  However, after an interview . . . went extremely well, and then skill evaluation in the clinical lab . . . I think I intimidated them a little . . .

I asked about a raise.

Good thing . . .
"Oh, you have to ask SO and So and then he has to speak to his Boss."

I did, He did . . .
and when he called me back later . . .
I had a $1 more per hour.

FYI:  this past year I made 1/3 of 
what I made the previous year at Home,
(where I had Sick time, Vacation time and Holidays).

His comment was, it was the second
or maybe the First raise
given to anyone
this year.
But, definitely the biggest.

I will just leave it at that.

Once again I must sincerely THANK the anonymous co-workers
who donated to me their Vacation time,
so I could survive while waiting for Michigan to recognise my
Nursing License last year.
Thank you,
a thousand times Thank you

1 comment:

Rudee said...

If nearly nobody received a raise, I can only think the boss is greedy. And cheap. Shame on him.