bennington, vt.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

"it's very rude."


Back to the 1:30 am incident, "the ramp truck and the car" . . . mind you it was my parents' car, (since my heap is still in New England).  Not only, did the car have the required Special Pass, (8 1/2 inches X11 inches--in protective plastic), displayed in the front windshield, it also fully displayed a Handicap placard, and a World War II Veteran Michigan license plate on the back bumper!!

Two world class idiots seeing what they could possibly get away with?

Gosh I love those neighbors, they loudly, verbally, ripped in and gave those guys everything they deserved.  I've heard some tongue lashings, but that was in a category all it's own!  (At least 5 women, from different apartments, one of which made sure to ring the doorbell to warn us these guys were taking the car.)  Now, that's a Neighborhood!

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