bennington, vt.

Friday, May 7, 2010

a heavy crash shook the forest

looking up . . .

Job is going well.  I usually get enough sleep, fortunately I get along with fewer hours then most. 

The family visit, (job related for them), also went well.  (The poor things were very rushed, and seem to be on a very wild roller-coaster ride in life right now.A bit dis-jointed, but we were able to celebrate Mom's Birthday together.

 . . . and of course the first night after they leave . . .
911 gets called. 

I have really GOT to get another number for the local dispatch, so I can do the call, (where ever I am), for Mom . . .  if Dad is unable to use the phone.  I figure, she can call my cell, I can  decipher what is wrong, and do the call.  (At home everyone, except the police, are volunteer, so if you call the regular # for the police . . . that's dispatch.  Yes, home is a very small town.)

Oh, yeah, Dad went to shave at midnight, (thank goodness he uses electric, like a good diabetic), blood sugar BOTTOMED-OUT, walker went one way and he went another.  Mom heard him, brought him a phone and much candy.  The Medics picked him up, checked his sugar, (still extremely low), and dressed a dime sized skin tear on his hand.  Thanks guys.

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