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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Alice was getting quite exhausted

Deep water

Happy May Day
Well, survived my first week of work.  In that . . . it has been a strange week.  I work with a marvelous child who, thank goodness, is finally getting used to me.  (Hard to get a 2yo back to sleep, when you are not the Momma!)  Met the Local EMTs, Medics, and Firemen . . . the first night, though it had nothing to do with my patient!  Last night the local towing company was trolling and decided to tow my car even though half the neighborhood was yelling at them, that there was indeed a parking pass on the car.  (I was impressed, 1:30 am, heck of a neighborhood watch!)  The job itself, I am feeling more confident about.  I will feel better, once someone looks over my paperwork.  (Lots of paperwork.)

I have still been taking my parents to their, almost daily, appointments and fitting in some sleep.

One major hooray this week.  After explaining to the Cardiologist about Mom needing to rest after the shortest activity, he's trying her out on a new medication.  If it works, stopping the arrhythmias, (the heart rate spikes), then she can cut down on the Meds slowing her heart way down, (lack of energy).  Whoo-hoo!

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