bennington, vt.

Friday, March 19, 2010

sentence first---verdict afterwards

Right of way    and/or    My way


I've taken so many deep breaths
that I'm starting to hyperventilate.

Before I moved in to help my parents . . . things I knew . . . 1. I do not know how to load a dishwasher properly   2. I am a total slob    3. I will never be as smart as my brothers.  (Really, it's a wonder I ever tried Nursing School, I was academic 2nd in my class even though I was the only one working full time too, guess it doesn't say much for my class.)

New things I have learned . . . (when I am home and at my job, I am very capable of manually ventilating a child while I make repairs to the mechanical ventilator . . . at the same time, here on the other hand)  I am not allowed to even attempt to change the battery in a watch or plunge a toilet . . . because I will break it or make it worse.  (yes, that was the reasons given.)  My IQ points are dropping by the minute, apparently.


I've vented now, I will be better,


painted maypole said...

vent away. i'm rather surprised you do it so infrequently. You need a space to be able to do that.

p.s. I think you're pretty darn smart. and... not to negate your feeling at all, but sometimes it can be hard being married to such a smart boy, too. ;)

Alice said...

Yep, it's hard to sit next to perfection.



Sue Pelletier said...

Why is it that parents get a vision of who their children are and never deviate from it, no matter what the reality turns out to be?

If it makes you feel any better, mine do the same thing. Don't know how you do it, but I'm pretty sure on some level they do appreciate you.

Give Jack and Pepper a cookie for me. Miss you guys!!